Academic Council

The composition of the Academic council of Shymkent University

Position, academic degree, title

Chairman of the board

  1. Praliev G.S. -    The Chairman of the Bard, d.e.s.
  2. Shingisbaev B.M. – rector, c.c.cs., professor,chairman of the board
  3. Kozbagarova B.S. – pro-rector for educational work, c.p.s., Deputy      
  4. Nurlybaev  N.M. -  pro-rector for science and international affairs,, acting docent.
  5. Aitzhanov T.A. – pro-rector  on educational work.
  6. Aljanov S.S.-  advisor to the rector on accreditation, c.t.s., professor
  7. EskendirovSh.Z. –D. t.s., professor
  8. Kaldybaev A.K. –, professor
  9. KulanovaS.Sh. – the head of  Department of organization of educational process and monitoring,
  10. Eshibaev A.A. – Director of the research Institute ‘Fundamental and applied  problems of  science”  d.b.s. docent
  11. Medetbekova R. – Director of center of postgraduate education, docent 
  12. Jamalova Z.K. Chief of staff
  13. Kuashbaev S.K. Dean of the economic faculty, d.e.s. professor
  14. Botabaeva J.N. Dean of humanities-law of the faculty,, acting docent.
  15. Mambetov B.M. Dean of the pedagogical faculty
  16. Nurumova K.U. Head of the Department «Philology»
  17. Tapalov D.J. Head of the Department «History of Kazakhstan social Sciences and geography» c.i.s. docent.
  18. Syhimbaeva J.S. Head of the Department «Pedagogy and psychology» c.p.s.
  19. Konarbaev J.O. Head of the Department «Physical cultural and sport»,  docent.
  20. OtebaevaSh.K. Head of the Department «Math and infonatics» c.p.s.
  21. Jumadulaeva A.I. Head of the Department «Chemistry biology and agriculture» c.a-c.s.
  22. Sergazieva M.R. Head of the Department «Finance and Jurisprudence» c.e.s.
  23. Kilishbaeva G.D. Head of Department of practice and employment.
  24. Kerimbaeva S.E. Senior on educational-methodologist  work,
  25. Menliculova A.B.  Senior Registrar office
  26. Sabdalina A.K. Senior lecture of the Department of economic faculty, c.e.s.
  27. Sadyxbekova A.A. Deputy Dean of economic faculty, c.e.s.
  28. Userbaeva T.B. The student 4 courses of the specialty «Geography»
  29. Ahmedov N.S. Secretary of the academic Council.