Economical faculty

Economic faculty strictly follows the principles of guality and flexibility of education.Answering the guestions of the labour market prepares competetive young professionals 2 undergraduate majors and graduate programs in Economics accounting and auditing

5B050600  -Economy

5B050800-Accounting and auditing


6M05080Accounting and auditing

About specialties

5B050600-Economy(specialization industrial  Economics labor Economics).Graduates are awarded the academic degree bachelor of Economics and business.Bachelor of Economics and business may take the position of economist specialist analyst.The person who received the degree of bachelor of Economics and business have all the necessary knowledge and skills for skilled work as middle managers management system and can subseguently by used in various management positions.

5B050800-Accounting and auditing(specialization Accounting and auditing in the real sector of the economy statistics).Specialist of the given direction operates in the sphere of management of economy and production basic accounting audit and economic analysis strategic and tactical management able to develop business plans,analyze financial and accounting statements of the economic entity.

At the faculty we teach exactly those subjects which really need you in your professionalllife.Along with the obligatory,You can listen to and courses to choose from.

The  Economics faculty provides computer  laboratories,  language  labarotaries, a library equipped with books, contemporary  periodicals, and  audiovisual  materials, Internet-room, a rich-library  with  reading  room.

   The Economics faculty  is constantly  expanding its international  cotacts  with universities  of  near  and far abroad, as well as leading teachers-practitioners read unique courses in our department. To enhance international  cooperation in  scince and education concluded  the contract on joint  work with Universities  near  and far abroad such as the  University <<GEDIZ>> in Izmur(Turkey).

“Moscow interational higher business school (MIRBIS)”,

“Moscow  Institute  of steel and alloys(MISIS), “Moscow  financial-indusrial  University (MFIU)”, Omsk state University named after F.M.Dostaevskogo (OMSU)” “Omsk regional  Institute”.

   “Kyrgyz economic University named after  M.Riskulbekov (KEU)” and others.

     Faculty, graduate  students undertake research  training  and  refresher courses  increasing the professional level of  academic mobility in the  leading universities  of the CIS  countries. Our University trains highly skiUed specialists, leaders of industrial and business spheres.

    Our graduates  are in demand  on the labour  market. Eeach year , more than 80% of  graduates are employed  in leading  organizations in the  region , the  enter-prises of small and medium-sized business,  public  institutions , etc. 90% of  graduates-magisters are  working in senior  positions of the departments of  state income , economy  and  budged planning , health, etc.