History of the University

History of Shymkent University

   The Shymkent University, founded in 2001 (License №0137423 series AB (03.02.2010.)) is one of the leading places in the sphere of higher education, prepares competent, highly qualified specialists for the southern region. The Shymkent University-a multi- tvered University scientific and educational complex, carrying out educational activities on the basis of wide use of information and communication technologies.

   Today it consist of 3 faculties, pedagogic, humanitarian law and the economic and three research institute, “Institute of fundamental and applied problems of sciences “, “Baurzhantanu”, “Institute of regional economic problems”. At the University taught by famous proffers, doctirs of sciences, candidates of Sciences, masters and senior teachers.

   The University train specialists in 24 specialities, of baccalaureate and 6 master’s degree programs in day, evening, correaspondence forms of training on Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The University has created all conditions for obtaining qualitative education, has a library, reading halls, electronic library, language laboratories, specialized classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards and computer classes. For students worked dining-hall, medical center.

   The University has a student dormitory, corresponding to modern requirements. For sports and commemorative and educational activities are gym, conference hall, party hall.

   The University signed cooperation agreements in education and science, as well as the program of academic mobility with universities and research institutions of the Republic, region, countries near and far abroad: University of Aachen, Julich, Germany, University of “Gediz”. Izmir, Tuncey, Kyrgyz State University named after I.Arabaev, Kyrgyz State University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Institute of fashion, business and law, Sochi, Russia, the Uzbek research Institute of pedagogical Sciences named after T.N.Kara-Niyazi, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Khujand state University named after Academician B.Gafurov, Khujand city, Tajikstan, Kazakh national University named after Abai, South Kazakhstan state University named after M.Auezov and others.