19. 05. 2017
International Scientific-practical conference of young scientist and students on the theme “Science and practice” message  president of Kazakhstan Republic   Nursultan  Abishevich  Nazarbaev. The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competiveness was  in 20-21 April  2017y in Shymkent  University. The conference was held with the participation of young scientists  and students of the institute of Fashion.
27. 04. 2017

April 17. 2017 in Shumkent University held a marathon «ADAL BOL !» corruption is the plague of fociety.

The studets of Shymkent University are adainst corruption.

27. 04. 2017

In Shymkent University on April 4-6,2017 the Independent Kazakhstan quality Assurance Agency conducted institutional accreditation.


Shymkent university