Normative –legal acts

Reference – guide student

Internal regulations

Regulation of advisors and tutor at the Shymkent University

The regulations on the attestation  of the teaching  staff  of  the  Shymkent University.

The code  of  honor  student  University  of  Shymkent.

Manual on the  promotion of employees of  Shymkent  University.

Qualifying  characteristics of posts of teachers of  Shymkent  University  and persons  equated  to them .

Guidelines for the development  of educational  and  methodical  complexes of disciplines  and specialities  of  higher and postgraduate education.

The provision on professional practice in the ShymkentUniversity.on the department

The regulation on the department of Shymkent University

The regulation  on material  incentives for the teaching staff and basic criteria for  materials  stimulation of workers of  Shymkent  University.

The regulation on the procedure of development  andapproval of job  descriptions in Shymkent  University.

The provision of discounts (benefits) for the payment for study  tuition to students of the Shymkent University

The regulations  on the rector of  Shymkent  University 

The provision on the faculty of shymkent University 

The statue of the office of the registrar ofShymkent  University

Regulation of advisors and tutor at the Shymkent University