Scientific Research Insitute Fundamental and applied problems of natural science

General information about the Institute 

Research Institute of functional and applied problems of natural science was opened by the rector of the University №16 from 01.02.2012. to ensure research students of the biological specialities and the young employees of the University , and to the ensure the integration of research and educational process at the University. Research work is carried out in the framework of the approved NatNTII research topics for biology , microbiology, bio ecology, biotechnology and agriculture.

The  staff of the Institute has 4 doctors and 12 candidates of Sciences:

Main research areas:

  1. Development of biological agents to solve environmental problem dendroflors the South-Kazakhstan region.
  2. Development of technology of cultivation in conditions of Lowland agriculture.
  3. The Development of technology for biological drug with haemostatic action based on vegetable raw materials.

International relations of the Institute. The Institute is a scientific collaboration in research with many research institutions of Uzbekistan (research Institute of biochemical research),Russia (Saint-Petersburg state agrarian University) and Germany (Institute of Microbiology Aachen University). For a specified period of time,successful results were implemented in production,which are confirmed by acts of implementation. It was also obtained 10  innovation patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan on scientific topics were protected by 50 dissertations for the academic degree of bachelor of biology 2 master of arts degree in biology and 2 of the diploma for Phd degree in biotechnology.