The international researchers cooperation

Agreement and memorandums  on scientific cooperation

1.Aachen University (Germany)

2. Scientific- consulting company of Expedici Ink (USA California)

3.Coventry University

4.Siberian Institute of continuous further education

5. Educational institute Federation of trade unions(Belarus)

6. Gediz  University

7. Kyrgyz state University named after I. Arabaev (The Kyrgyz Republic)

8.Kyrgyz state economical University named after M.Ryskulbekov (The Kyrgyz Republic) 

9.Moscow international business school MIRBIS (Moscow)

10. Uzbek research Institute of pedagogical Sciences named after Kari -Niyazi

11. Sochi Institute or fashion, business and law (Russian Federation)

12.Bishkek  Humanities University named after K.Karasaev (Kyrgyz Republik)

13.Khujand state University named after academician  BabajanGafurov (Uzbekiston) 

14.Tashkent regional pedagogical Institute(UZbekiston)

15.Hannover University (Cermany)