The registrar’s office department

The department office of the registrar

For registration of students  for academic discipline, records of credits earned by, the organization's interim certification  and maintenance of all history of educational achievements of students in the  University  operates the office of the registrar.

Office  of the registrar, which is the main structural unit of the University service, which is engaged in registration of all history of educational  achievements of students throughout  their period of study and are in direct subordination  of the dean  of academic  affairs.

Office of the registrar  works closely  with the departments, the control of the organization  and monitoring  of the educational  process. It is  headed  by the head of the office of the registrar.

Office  of the  registrar  performs  the following functions:

- registration of students  for academic  discipline;

- formation of academic  groups  and streams;

- keeps  statistics on students;

- registers in the prescribed manner individual education plans of the students;

- organizes and conducts interim and final assessment on students;

- calculate academic rankings of students;

- keeps  a record of credits earned by students during the period training for the entire training  period;
- issuing transcripts for students;

- organizing academic mobility;

- creates  and regularly updates  a database;

 Office  of  the registrar   operates  in contact with other training units  and coordinates  the work of faculties and departments  of educational  with students engaged  in the organization  and control of educational  process   in accordance with the working  curricula, programms  and other educational methodological  documents.

The  office  of the registrer:

-organizes  the process  of registration and re-re -gistration  for academic  cources;

- manages the system confirmation  of entry to the discipline and fixing of failures;

- prepares and coordinates  the lists of students;

- assists  in the preparation  of individual educational  plans for students  and monitors their implementation  through  the Institute of advisors.

- prepares  orders  for transfer, sabbatical  relearning, deduction  and restoration  of students;

- forms personal  affairs of the student  intake;

- leads the annual  calculation  of the average  grade GPA;

- analyzes and makes statistical reporting.

Individual  educational  plans and registration of students  on disciplines

Office  of the registrar, in accordance  with the established  schedule, performs the registration  of  students on disciplines (Annex)  and forms  their  individual educational  plans.

preparation of Individual curriculum

Individual education plans (IEP)  students  composed  their own  using advisors on the basis of the model  curriculum  of the elective  catalogo discipline. It  is made  for the entire period of study. Before each academic year  produced  the adjustment by additional registration.

  On the basis  of  IEP the office of the registrar  forms the academic groups  and   streams, and in case  failure  enrolled  in a particular  discipline, according  to students  on the necessity  of amending individual  educational plan. At after the formation of IEP  the registrar is in control  of the organization. The educational process and monitoring  information about the academic  groups and streams  for scheduling.

The procedure  of registration  of students on discipline

Each  student is registered in the office of the registrar. For the office registrar sets the date and time of registration. Students  of the first year students begin the registration  process after conducting  them professional and academic orientation, which is held  in established  by the faculty time with the purpose  of clasifications  of the principles  of the credit  system training  and prospects for future  professional activity.

The selection  of subjects  of the first year of the course ends August  25, the second and the subsequent courses two weeks prior  to the end of the previous course.

Failure to register  for the selected courses can only take place within 10 days the beginning of semester.

- Acces to registration will get only those students who  have  successfully  studied discipline of the previous semester and obtained the required number of credits and GPA.

The registration algorithm comprises:

-definition  of adviser;

- visit the presentation electioneer disciplines conducted  by tutors  under the leadership of heads  of departpents;

- consulation advisor  (discussion of optional disciplines);

- terms of rejection of the chosen discipline;

- feeling the registration  forms, indication the required and elective courses;


Registration procedure for the  summer semester summer semester. Depending on the continget students. Information summer term  is organized  for the elemination  of academic  debt or diferences in the curriculum students, but also to meet the needs in additional training.

The duration of the summer term is not less 6 weeks. Academic calendar summer term is set annually depending on the contingent students. Information about the beginning of the summer term may be obtained in the office registrar not earlier than 1 May.

To registration for the summer term allowed students w ho paid tution in summer term.